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Trail Rider - The Lending Cupboard

A chariot into nature

This most incredible contraption allows people of diverse abilities to explore areas they thought they could never go.

Trailriders are very sturdy, steel/metal machines with a single wheel underneath and handles for sherpas to use at the front and the back. The wheels are very tough with good traction so Trailriders can be used on many different terrains, in many types of environments, and throughout the year (sun, rain and snow). It is pulled/pushed by at least 2 people (sherpas), with larger teams rotating turns on the longer and more strenuous trips. The sherpas are trained in how to safely and comfortably move people who are riding in the Trailrider, how to add padding, straps, blankets for stability and comfort, and how to communicate with the rider so their journey is enjoyable.

The Trailrider was featured in the Red Deer Advocate.
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